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Humberside Police Littlebook of Scams is available to view and download within the Newsletters section of this website, this gives advise on how to avoid the many scams that criminals are only to happy to use to make money from us the unsuspecting public, so please take a look and avoid the upset these scams cause to people.

The Preston Post Office " would like to thank everyone for their support to keep it open and would like to encourage everyone to continue with this support if Preston is not to loose this facility".

The Parish Council has no allotment plots available  in either our Weghill site  or the Sandhil Site, we now have a waiting list which is available to both residents and Non-residents of Preston,  If you are interested please  in joining the waiting list contact the office 01482 899411 or email and your details will be added.

Neighbour Hood Watch in the Village needs a new leader to step into the role. Support from the ERYC and police is available , anyone interested in taking on this worthwhile role may contact the Clerk here at the Parish Council office for further information.

Bus services across the area are CHANGING with effect from MAY 6TH 2018, with service 277 being affected in Preston. Please contact EYMS for more information. Click below to see new timetable. The Clerk at the Parish Office has  a number of these timetables obtained from EYMS by Cllr Catterick should you require one. Please note EYMS HAVE ADVISED THAT THE 277 BUS WILL NOW DEPARY AT 4.52 AND NOT 4.48.



EAST RIDING LIBRARIES. Change in timetable . Residents please be aware that the Library service has changed its time and date in the Village. The mobile library will now visit on a Tuesday every 4 weeks at 9.05am until 9.35am on Weghill Road near Peace Walk .



The next Parish Council meeting will take place on 16th September 2019 in the Ccmmunity Hall  starting at 7.30pm


Cranswick Foods Odours.  If you are effected by unacceptable odors from Cranswick Country Foods you can report them to the Environment Agency as soon as possible by ringing the incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60 (Free phone, 24hr service). Information useful when reporting any odor problem includes: the location where the odor was detected, date, time and wind direction.


 Current Parish Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday , Wednesday & Friday 10.00am - 13.30hrs. 



Council Meeting

Council meetings are normally held at the Preston Community Hall on the second Monday of the month at 7.30pm each month except August.The Dates for the meetings from September 2019 are however different and as follows September 16th, October 28th , November 18th and December 16th, apologies for any inconvenience this may cause but due to other meeting commitments and in order to stay quorate these dates have changed.

The Annual Parish Meeting is normally held in May as is the Annual Meeting Of the Parish Council. Residents are always welcome to come along and listen. At the Beginning of meetings there is a section for residents to ask questions , air their views.If you need any further information then please contact the Clerk who will be happy to help.



Welcome to Preston in Holderness, East Yorkshire

THE Parish Council sadly advised that the Playing area on Addison Road has suffered an Arson Attack anyone with information please contact police on 101 quoting ref 16/45047/19. The attack has completly destroyed a much loved piece of equipment.

The Village of Preston goes back to before the Domesday Book. Being founded in Anglo Saxon times it established itself as an ecclesiastical Centre of some importance.

It is situated six miles to the East of Hull and one mile from the town of Hedon to the South. The south western Parish boundary being the the Northern bank of the River Humber from the junction with Hedon Haven and Oldfleet Drain to the West. This drain forms the boundary to the City of Hull to the West and the village of Bilton. To the North the Parish is bounded by the villages of Wyton and Sproatley while the village of Burstwick forms the Eastern boundary and Hedon and Paull to the South.

The Parish is somewhat unique in that there is not only the Village but a second settlement to the South West known as Preston South. Over the years residential developments have been such that the boundaries of both Hedon and Preston South merge at the Westlands drain.

From early times the main occupation of the area was farming and its supporting industries. However, this was eclipsed in the twentieth century by the establishment of the giant chemical works on the banks of the River Humber in the area known as Salt End. These works are mainly owned by BP Chemicals PLC, and are the largest producers of Acetic Acid in Europe.

The population of both settlements totals approximately 3,500 and  expanding as new residential areas are developed. 

(With acknowledgement to the late George Stephenson Author of "Welcome to Preston in Holderness")

Image of the Church and clock here in Preston.