Preston Parish Council

There are currently no allotment plots vacant on the Weghill Road and Sandhills sites.However things do change and the clerk keeps a list of interested parties should a vacancy occur, please contact the clerk if you wish to be added to the current waiting list tel 01482 899411

The Parish Council operate two allotment sites within the Parish, at Weghill Road and Sandhills (which is located behind Sandhills Nursery, Wyton Road).The Sandhills site however is only available to the residents of Preston but Weghill Road is open to both residents and non residents.

Fees for 2018/19  Resident plot holders £6 per year, non residents £10 per year.Following review in January 2018 the Council  have decided to keep the fees as they are for another year.


A view of the Weghill Road allotments

Allotments at Preston