Preston Parish Council

 Two Vacancies for new co=opted councillors now exist 10/7/18 please see the clerk for more information or an existing Councillor for more information.

 A vacancy for a Parish Councillor now filled .

with effect from 28/2/2018 following a written declaration of acceptance witnessed by the Clerk As Proper Offices we are pleased to confirm that Mr Gary Hunter has joined the Preston Parish Council.

 Jayne Ramsden  Clerk.

Address. The Council Office, Preston Community Hall, Main Street, Preston HU12 8SA. telephone 01482 899411 Mon,Tue, Wed & Fri 10.00 am- 1.30pm. Email

Preston North Ward.

   Geoff Catterick, (Vice Chair) 01482 891082 ,  Stirling Hope, Debbie Lamplough, Hollie Mayfield, Barbara Mendham,  Pauline Richmond, Pam Swann, Gary Hunter.

  Preston South Ward.

Geoff Bell (Chair) 01482 897996,   Tracy Lister ,   John Fallowfield.

Full contact details for all councillors are available on the main notice board outside the Preston Community Hall


Tree Officers: Cllr Swann & vacant

Parish Paths Officers: Cllr. Mayfield.

BP Forum: Cllrs. Bell, Lister, Catterick 

Yorkshire Water Forum: Vacant & Mendham.

Cranswick Country Foods Forum: Vacant & Catterick.

Preston Parochial Charities Representatives: Cllrs. Mendham . Swann & Bell.

East Riding & North Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils: Cllrs. Catterick & Vacant

Preston Community Hall Management Representatives: Cllrs. Bell & Mendham.

Power Station Forum: Cllr Bell, Catterick, Hope .

The East Riding Of Yorkshire South West Holderness Ward Councillors for our area are

Mike Bryan tel 01482898542 email

John Dennis Tel 01482899214 email

Sue Steel Tel 07754298952 email