Some people believe that David Clifford might be the greatest ever GAA player.

Following Kerry's All-Ireland semi-final victory over Derry earlier this year, Kerry legend Colm Cooper and Tyrone great Sean Cavanagh discussed just how good the Fossa man is.

Cavanagh stated: "They throw around this 'GOAT' or greatest of all-time, I don't believe there is anyone that has ever played Gaelic football that I have seen or heard of that is at this level that he's at."

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The Gooch added: "I've never seen a player like this with the consistency that he brings every single day he comes out."

However, when we asked AI to name the "greatest Gaelic football team of all time based on players in all positions", Clifford's name was not included in the XV put together by ChatGPT.

Clifford became the first ever player to be named back-to-back Footballer of the Year last week as Stephen Cluxton became the oldest winner of an All-Star at the age of 42 and 21 years after winning his first.

David Clifford of Kerry makes his way to the stage to receive his with PwC GAA/GPA All-Star award
David Clifford of Kerry makes his way to the stage to receive his with PwC GAA/GPA All-Star award

ChatGPT named Cluxton as the greatest goalkeeper of all-time in the team, which in total the representatives from counties are as follows: Dublin (seven), Kerry (four), Tyrone (one), Meath (one), Donegal (one) and Mayo (one).

There is sure to be plenty of views on the team below and which players positions have been placed in. Let us know in the comments any changes that you would make to it.

Here's what ChatGPT said about selecting the team: "Determining the greatest Gaelic football team of all time based on players in all positions is a challenging task due to the vast number of exceptional players throughout the sport's history. The assessment can be subjective, influenced by personal preferences, eras, and styles of play. However, I can provide a hypothetical dream team, considering players from different eras and positions:

  1. Goalkeeper: Stephen Cluxton (Dublin): Known for revolutionising the goalkeeper role with his precise kickouts and leadership.

  2. Right Corner Back: Marc Ó Sé (Kerry): A key part of the Kerry team during their successful years, known for his defensive prowess.

  3. Full Back: Mick Lyons (Meath): A legendary Meath defender, widely regarded as one of the best full-backs in the history of the game.

  4. Left Corner Back: Karl Lacey (Donegal): An outstanding defender who played a crucial role in Donegal's All-Ireland success in 2012.

  5. Right Half Back: Jack McCaffrey (Dublin): A dynamic and versatile player, known for his speed and attacking capabilities from the half-back line.

  6. Centre Back: Brian Mullins (Dublin): A former Dublin captain and midfield general, renowned for his leadership and all-around skills.

  7. Left Half Back: Lee Keegan (Mayo): A dynamic and attacking wing-back, known for his ability to score from distance.

  8. Midfield: Jack O'Shea (Kerry): One of the greatest midfielders in Gaelic football history, known for his athleticism and skill.

  9. Midfield: Brian Fenton (Dublin): A dominant modern-day midfielder, known for his athleticism, work rate, and scoring ability.

  10. Right Half Forward: Maurice Fitzgerald (Kerry): A skilful forward with a remarkable scoring ability, particularly from placed balls.

  11. Centre Forward: Paul Flynn (Dublin): A dynamic and versatile forward who achieved success in the modern era.

  12. Left Half Forward: Diarmuid Connolly (Dublin): A talented and versatile forward, known for his skill on the ball and ability to score from play.

  13. Right Corner Forward: Colm Cooper (Kerry): A legendary forward, considered one of the best Gaelic footballers of all time.

  14. Full Forward: Peter Canavan (Tyrone): A prolific scorer and key figure in Tyrone's success in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

  15. Left Corner Forward: Bernard Brogan (Dublin): A sharpshooter and key figure in Dublin's success in the 2010s.

"It's important to note that opinions on the greatest players and the best team may vary, and this selection is subjective. Different eras and styles of play make direct comparisons challenging, but these players are widely recognized for their exceptional contributions to Gaelic football."

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