The Preston Parish Council Burial ground is located on East End Road and is open daily from dawn until Dusk. The Burial ground prices can be found by contacting the Parish Clerk on tel 01482 899411 or via email or by clicking the link below.

Burial fees for April 1st 2019 onwards

The Council aim to the keep the grounds as pleasant as possible with regular cutting of the grass , weather permitting.The area around graves is to be kept clear so as to allow the Handyman to complete this task for the benefit of those visiting .The burial ground is a place for loved ones to remember and reflect and as such we ask visitors to refrain from letting dogs off leashes .

The Burial Ground has an area for burials and a separate area for the placing of Cremated remains known as the Garden of Remembrance.

All plots are allocated in numerical order and are for a duration of 60 years.