The ERYC have a Planning Department who receive all planning applications for this area . As a consultee body the Preston Parish Council is sent details of Planning applications within the Parish so it can review and discuss at its meeting should it so wish to and comment upon.

Any resident can register on the ERYC website and view plans within the Parish and wider area, they can also comment on any plans . Planner do not have to provide information regarding planning applications other than putting up a A4 white notice up within the area of the planning application nor does it have to advise those living near to or adjacent to any address where planning permission is being sought.

The time frames are very short from the Parish Council being advised to having to discuss and place its comments on the website , anyone interested in planning or upcoming planning applications please come along to the Parish Council meetings and register your comments on the ERYC website.


We will use this as a place to advise residents of any large scale developments within the Parish.

October 2019 saw the Aplication by Hurd Homes for Abbey Lane being amended and as such back onto the system for planning. At The October meeting attended by residents who have been in opposition to this application since its inception several years ago, the parish Council again agreed to object and to request that it be called in for review by The Eastern Planning Committee. As At 22nd October 2019 we are awaiting advice from the ERYC as to when the site visit and meeting will take place.

Aug 2019- NESS LANE DEVELOPMENT 19/00049/REFUSE. Outline planning permission was refused by planning committee however West Ella Holdings Ltd have appealed this decision to the Planning Inspectorate. the appeal documents can be inspected on The ERYC PUBLIC ACCESS WEBSITE at quoting reference 19/00049/REFUSE, Further information on the appeal process can be found at

Copies of any representations made at application stage will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate and to the appellant. These will be considered by the Planning Inspector when determining the appeal. If you wish to make comments , or modify/withdraw your previous representation this must be done by the 9TH SEPTEMBER 2019. You can do this online at or you can write to the Inspectorate (quoting reference APP/E2001/W/19/3233683) at, Room 3M, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Brstol, BS1 6PN. PLEASE ADDRESS ALL CORRESPONDENCE TO THE PLANNING INSPECTORATE.

Once a decision has been made by the Inspectorate ERYC will advise.

Aug 2019- The Abbey Lane development has been pending for several months now but as of yet no information regarding it being reviewed by The Eastern Area Planning Committee has been received , the Parish Council along with those Parties who logged represntations is normally advised of the Date about a week in advance.

As many of you will know the Plots On Sproatley Road have both been allocated Outline Planning Permission, We await full Planning permission for these developments and at present have no further information to pass to residents.