Transport (Buses & Taxis)

Service 277 W. E.F. 1st April 2017.

East riding council advised that they planned to cut their subsidies to bus operators by around 30 % (roughly £600000.00) . This impacted on Preston as the evening buses and all the Sunday buses would be withdrawn. You will recall that all residents were sent a survey form to identify their transport needs and the results fed back to ERYCC. A number of councils ( inc Paull and Burstwick) met at Hedon a number of times to discuss the matter with ERYCC in attendance at some of these meetings.

All  facts were reported back to the council at the monthly meetings.

As some of the service 277 buses reached Hull via Paull it was decided by ERYCC  & EYMS that these buses would not call at Paull as Paull would recieve a revised service of their own. It was noted that people living the eastern part of Burstwick did not have a bus service so a route was drawn up that would include these residents and the revised 277 would include this area.To achieve this the buses needed to complete a Preston-Hedon-Burstwick-Hedon -Preston loop.The overriding aim is to increase passenger use.Burton Pidsea , for example, have lost all their buses and now have to rely on a twice weekly community bus.

Regarding Station Road and buses returning From Hedon-the buses to Hedon stop near George Street/Shakespeare Pub or Johnson's corner- this means that to return to Preston passengers may join at these two stops and return to Preston via the Burstwick loop.Furthermore the survey revealed that residents leavin along  Weghill Road did not enjoy a bus service except for a Saturday 173 journey and their survey responses indicated that a Hedon servive would be appreciated along this road.So the revised Timetable allows both areas of Preston to enjoy a service- although it does involve a walk for either outward or inward journeys.

Now that services are run on a commercial basis it is essential that passenger useage is maximised and whilst some residents may be entirely happy to walk to/from the bus stops the new timetable should achieve good passenger loadings and ensure that the two main roads in Preston enjoy a bus service.

After a period of six months the Council plans to revue with ERYCC & EYMS to evaluate the performance.

Incidentally customers may wish to avail themselves of the Holderness Area Local Transport who can be contacted on 01964 536684 (see below) and there is also the Medi Bus service tel 03456 445959. 

The council hope this will explain the reasons for the changes.

Door to Door Shopping Bus

If you have difficulty using the normal bus our services could be for you. Our vehicles can accommodate wheelchair users. Use the service for town centre shops or supermarkets. The MiBUS service accepts your bus pass, day trips have a set fare. All services must be pre booked as we collect and return you to your door. For information contact 01964 536684.