With each passing day, it seems the internet has an unrelenting ability to make us feel like we have been incorrectly doing the most basic of tasks all our lives which we always thought were easy.

Regrettably, there is now another task to add to that list, and it involves eating.

Social media has been hit with the latest revelation in a 45-second TikTok video from user A-A-Ron, reported on by the Daily Star, whose 'cookinhungry' page is a haven for foodie hacks. It concerns the best way to get the most flavour from a Pringle, which you may or may not have been practicing.

He begins the video by asking: "Did you know that there's a correct way to eat Pringles?"

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A-A-Ron shows a small pack of the popular crisp brand on a table before taking one out to show the camera.

He proceeds to explain that most of us eat a Pringle with the curved edges facing downwards. However, after 12 seconds of the video, A-A-Ron breaks the tension by demonstrating proper Pringle etiquette.

He holds the Pringle the opposite way up - with the curved edges facing upwards towards the roof of the mouth - and says "we are supposed to eat it like this."

He continues: "And the reason is because most of the seasoning on all Pringles are on the top side." By "top side", he is referring to the side that should come into contact with your tongue as the Pringle enters your mouth.

"If you rub a Pringle, you can actually feel all the seasoning that's on this side. So did you know that, or are you today years old?"

The correct way to eat Pringle involves identifying the side with the best flavour
The correct way to eat Pringle involves identifying the side with the best flavour

Commenters were quick to offer their varied opinions on the matter.

One user said: "Lol if that how we are suppose to eat them that's how they should have put them in the containers. I'm already too invested."

Another wrote: "Today years old," while another added: "I lick the top and eat the bottom."

The unsavoury controversy will rumble on, but now you know if have been eating Pringles plain wrong all this time.

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